The Nearly Carbon Neutral Geometric Topology Conference

September 18-25, 2022

Featuring early career speakers across low-dimensional topology

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Plenary speakers

Topic Groups

Curves approach and move away from the intersection of two planes.

Filippo Mazzoli & Gabriele Viaggi

A picture of the hyperbolic disc with some geodesics drawn.

Sahana Balasubramanya & Alexander Rasmussen

The figure-eight knot

Tam Cheetham-West & Khánh Le

A subset of the plane, with three points and their neighborhoods drawn.

Michael Dougherty & Allison Miller

The hyperbolic disc with geodesics.

Aaron Calderon & Didac Martinez-Granado


An postcard with stamp: NCNGT 2021, text "Hi Amma and Appa! My REU students just learned that TORUS KNOTS ARE BRAIDED ABOUT THE TORUS IN TWO DIFFERENT WAYS! Siddhi", and a depiction of the two braidings of a torus knot about a torus.

Featuring submissions from conference participants at all career stages! Submit yours by September 16 -- last year's postcards are here for inspiration!