Conference Guide

The big picture

NCNGT has three main components:

  1. Asynchronous talks, organized by topic groups: Speakers record their talks and attendees can watch at any time during the two weeks of the conference. Questions, comments, and additional discussion will take place via Discord. We also have a gallery of mini-posters submitted by conference participants at all career stages!

  1. Live events, organized by topic groups: Different topic groups will have different live events, including office hours (some just for graduate students), problem sessions, tea times, and more! Most of these will happen in Zoom, and you can find the links in the appropriate Discord channel.

  1. Conference-wide live plenary talks: These talks are given by more senior speakers, and should be accessible to all conference goers!

What happens where?


  • Introductions and chitchat

  • Questions and discussion for non-plenary talks

  • Zoom links!

  • Logistical questions for the organizers


Getting started

Recommended first steps:

  1. Apply to participate in the conference! (You can't do this anymore, sorry!)

  2. Submit a postcard! (This is also closed now.)

  3. Join the conference Discord server. (You will be emailed a link by June 10 or within 24 hours of applying, whichever is later.) If you have questions about using the Discord, check out the FAQ page.

  4. Identify which topic groups you're most interested in, and join those Discord channels. Topic group organizers will post "suggested watching schedules", in case you're not sure in what order to watch talks.

More questions?

Check out the FAQ! If the questions persist, contact the NCNGT organizers.