Topic Groups

Organized by Sarah Blackwell, Tye Lidman, and Hannah Schwartz

Organized by León Carvajales, Xian Dai, and Giuseppe Martone

Dynamical aspects of Anosov representations

Hitchin representations

Geometric aspects of Anosov representations

Organized by Ying Hu and Michael Landry

Aspects of taut foliations on 3--manifolds: 

Aspects of (pseudo-)Anosov flows on 3 manifolds:

Foliations, flows and surface dynamics:

Organized by Irving Dai, Abhishek Mallick, Matt Stoffregen, Josh Wang, and Ian Zemke

Gauge Theory:

Immersed Curves:

Knots and Concordance:

3-- and 4--manifolds:

Organized by Tommaso Cremaschi and Andrew Yarmola

Geometric Analysis:

Geometric Topology:

Organized by Elizabeth Field, Hannah Hoganson, and Marissa Loving

Flat surfaces of infinite-type:

Dynamics and infinite-type surfaces:

Subgroups of big mapping class groups:

Organized by Elaina Aceves and Gage Martin

In Dimension 3:

In Dimension 3.5:

Organized by Orsola Capovilla-Searle and Hyunki Min

Lagrangian cobordisms:

Symplectic 4-manifolds:


Legendrian and Transverse knots:

Organized by Arielle Leitner and Paul Vollrath

Invariant random subgroups:

Dynamics, compactification, and limits:

Lattices and discrete subgroups: